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EuroTier 2022: Protein supply for livestock as focal topic of OVID and UFOP

Soy, rapeseed, pea & Co.: added value by means of protein feeds

Diversity of origins secures supply / Overview of markets and availabilities / Experts report

OVID Association of the Oilseed Crushing and Oil Refining Industry in Germany e. V. and the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants e. V. (UFOP) will be represented together at this year's EuroTier in Hall 20, Stand C39 under the umbrella of the mutual information portal proteinmarkt.de. The current market and supply situation for protein animal feeds will be a focal topic of the information on offer. Specialist advice on the cultivation and marketing of grain legumes and sunflowers will also be a key issue. Oil millers and experts will be available to answer questions related to these topics. Furthermore, the exhibition stand will provide an ostensive overview of the variety of products that are derived from oilseed processing in oil mills.

15 years of rapeseed meal monitoring and up-to-date research results
For the past 15 years, UFOP has supported the monitoring of rapeseed extraction meal that is used in animal feed. This provides solid evidence of the continuously high quality of this protein feed. Between 2009 and 2021, the amount of rapeseed extraction meal used as feed has increased by about 40 percent and clearly surpassed the use of soybean extraction meal for several years. In this regard, a new way of thinking is also evident in pig feeding: according to studies from recent years, up to 15% rapeseed extraction meal can be used without problems in the fattening pig generation if the recommendations for the total ration are met. The monitoring was further extended to include sunflower and soy extraction meal. The new results will be presented at the fair.

New insights into pea feeding
In addition, new findings on the influence of various pea products in broiler fattening and piglet feeding are available and will also be presented on the occasion of EuroTier. With regard to intestinal health, trials funded by UFOP and conducted by the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture Saxony-Anhalt and FU Berlin have shown that various pea products provide raw materials that make valuable contributions to suppling animals. The results will also be available in full for EuroTier.

New service offering – practitioners report
Featuring video clips of a “Proteinmarkt-FarmTour”, a new service will be presented that provides interesting practical insights into soy cultivation in Germany, for example. In this video format, which will be used at EuroTier and via social media, experts and practitioners report on various concepts for reducing the protein gap in animal feed. The contributions last 2 to 6 minutes and address livestock farmers, advisors, students and trainees. They highlight breeding, cultivation, practical experience as well as marketing and processing of soybeans and other legumes from domestic production.

Supply and market update
Visitors to the fair can expect comprehensive information on the diversity of origins that help to secure protein feed supplies in view of the current world situation. The importance of Ukraine will be highlighted despite the still ongoing Russian war of aggression., Information will also be provided, however, on other international commodity flows such as soy origins from Brazil and current efforts to continuously improve their sustainability.